Home is Where The Gym Is


Where’s the best gym in the world that you can get to anytime, play your favorite numbers and not have anyone bothering you over the bench press?

That’s your home for you.

Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend $$$ to get fit.

Hell, you don’t even need to go to a gym. Your home is all you need along with a few basic fitness equipment that will help you get there.

We know what you just pictured. You pictured a large dumbbell rack, a squat rack, a bench, a full body trainer, hold your guns.

Here’s what you need to make your home your gym.

#1 – A Yoga mat or two

You will be spending a lot of time on the ground in your home gym. Unfortunately, there’s no rubber padding at home. Get a Yoga mat. Two’s better. Have a thick padded floor that doesn’t hurt your joints or your back when you do fast repetitive movements.

#2 – Kettlebells

Remember those fancy looking iron goblets that look like someone swiped them off the sets of ‘The Game of Thrones’? Turns out that they can give you a workout like none other. Kettlebells, as they are called are excellent for strength building and also for cardiovascular workouts.

#3 – Resistance bands

If you hate dumbells, go for resistance bands. They are way more flexible and offer a lot more options. You can also do a pull-up alternative movement with one of these. Strength training, muscle building, isometrics, the resistance band is the do-it-all.

#4 – Jump rope

Ah, the good old jump rope. Works like a charm and burns calories like hell. The exercise is gentle on your joints unlike the taxing HIIT routine and its great cardio.

#5 – Foam roller

As much as you plan to punish those muscles, it is equally important to plan for recovery. A foam roller will help you heal faster by removing the clumps that form in your muscles after a vigorous workout routine. You will be on your feet faster.

#6 – Medicine ball

This seemingly unassuming little thing can give you some excellent workout movements that combine strength with cardiovascular exercise. Ensure that you pick a ball that you are comfortable with.

#7 – Stability ball

Stability ball does to your core what the bench doesn’t. It challenges you to balance yourself and you end up using muscles that would never get activated on a bench or on the floor. Think of it like working on your core on steroids.

#8 – Pull up bar

Last but not the least, you absolutely cannot have a home gym without a pull-up bar. This compound upper body movement has so many benefits for the body. It helps build your shoulders, your arms and your back. You can increase the intensity by doing weighted pull ups and when you are not using it for pull ups, you can do leg raises and other exercises for the core.


Fitness , Getting Started Guide

There are millions of people in this world who make a resolution to get fit each passing year. But most of them lack the basic knowledge that’s needed to succeed in getting and staying fit.

A lot of them come to the gym, try to lift like a professional bodybuilder and end up tearing a muscle or two that cuts short their journey to glory.

Bodybuilding or fitness for that matter won’t happen overnight. It’s a time consuming process that requires incessant effort, a passion to go into the gym each day and punish yourself and the will to eat what’s required no matter what you feel like.

If you are thinking about getting fit or starting any type of fitness activity, some of these tips will help you immensely.

Stick to the basics

When you begin training, keep Pareto’s Principle in mind: 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of the causes. In other words, out of your entire exercise program, only 20 percent of the movements will produce results. Unless you’re in a very early stage of your training journey, the other 80 percent won’t likely help much.

Among all the fancy-looking machines and swanky new trainers that you see in that gym, the barebones, good old, tried and tested dumbbell and barbell are your best friends. Stick to compound movements like the squat, the bench press and the overhead press. These are movements that target one or two muscle groups at best and will trigger a much better hormonal cycle in the body, than movements like the bicep curl, which you will feel tempted to do.

Learn about nutrition

Your muscles will be made in the kitchen, not in the gym. It’s imperative that you learn about nutrition as much as you can. Learn how to fuel your workouts, learn what limits your progress and learn what amplifies it. Learn to look at every meal as a blend of three important macronutrients. Educate yourself about what works best for you.

Fitness is a habit

There are so many fitness programs focused on short-term results these days that one often forgets that it’s not about the next 12-weeks. It’s about the next 12 years. Look at fitness as a healthy habit that you need to inculcate. One that will reap rich dividends in the years to come.

Have a sustainable plan

Have a plan that’s tailored around your expertise level and your goals. Hitting the gym without a custom plan is one of the main reasons for burn out and people quitting earlier than they should. Have a plan and stick to it, no matter what. If you lack motivation, find a fitness coach who can motivate you to stay on track.

Its more brain than brawn

You might go to the gym and lift your ass off every day of the week. But until you are mentally prepared for the challenges that go with the lifting, especially in the diet, you might not be able to sustain it. Always remember, you give up in the mind. Your body only follows suit.




5 Beginner friendly exercises that you can do at home today

Exercising at home is by far the easiest way to stay in shape.

It can probably never replace a good workout in a gym.

But there’s no reason why you can’t get a vigorous full body workout if you are willing to invest in a set of dumbbells, a pull-up bar and a mat.

If you were wondering what workout moves to do or how to do them, then here are our recommendations for 5 beginner friendly home workouts. We are not going to be explaining how to perform the move. Exercises are better understood when you watch them. So, YouTube is going to be your friend.

Push Ups

Equipment: Good form and your will power

The humble push up uses multiple muscle groups like your shoulders, your arms, your chest and your core. When done with good form, there’s no better upper body workout that relies on your body weight. If this is the first time you are doing push-ups and you find that you are struggling, you can start with your knees on the floor.

Pull Ups

Equipment: Pull up bar

The pull up is a compound upper body movement that mainly targets your back muscles. But that’s not all. You will also be working out on your shoulders, arm and core. Have you ever seen the famed V-taper that bodybuilders and athletes sport? The pull-up is your shortcut to it. Once you start to do more than 10 pull-ups in a set, it’s time to add weights to the movement. Use all the variations of the hand grips. Reverse grip will target your biceps, overhand grip for the triceps and wide front grip for the lats.

Overhead Shoulder press

Equipment: Dumbbells or Resistance bands

The overhead shoulder press is called the granddaddy of shoulder exercises. It will sculpt those shoulder muscles and with the right diet, make them pop out.  While the exercise is best performed with a barbell, there’s a way to do them with dumbbells and also with resistance bands. Check for the appropriate version on YouTube. During the movement, if you feel that you are using the body more than what’s necessary, then you can do it seated on a bench or a flat surface. Ensure that you keep your back straight.



Squats, along with deadlifts are the most important weight bearing exercises that you can ever perform. It targets the entire body with the legs getting the bulk of the attention. When performed with good form, there’s no better full body workout movement at home. Once again, you can do it with barbells or dumbbells or even a resistance band. Once you are able to control the movement when you lift and when you go down, you can progress to a barbell squat which is more challenging.

Farmer’s walk

This one is a relatively easy strength building exercise that also targets your deltoids and traps. Unlike some of the other moves, you don’t have to rack your brains about the form. Just ensure that you stand up straight and walk with a straight back. That’s it!